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About Brooklyn NASA:
Brooklyn NASA represents a multifaceted lifestyle that incorporates cannabis and cannabis
paraphernalia. Just like the people of Brooklyn, we are a mixed bag of styles, characteristics,
ambitions, and races that blend together harmoniously. Brooklyn NASA is a local company, based around the pretty neat aspects of everything related
to cannabis flowers. Our brand represents high quality, high end, the best in all that we are a
part of. This quality is passed down to anything that dons Brooklyn NASA branding. So if you
are here then you are family. During these tough times just know you are not alone. Cop a squat
and chill, smoke sumin, eat sumin and breathe easy!!. Relax, it will all be fine. Or at least you
will be High A F !!!!
Cannabis Paraphernalia
Brooklyn NASA

The purpose of Brooklyn NASA is to provide ELITE high-quality products.

Frequently asked questions:
What does NASA stand for? Notoriously Always Smoking Anywhere
(*see what we did there? Notoriously = Notorious = Biggie = Christopher Wallace =

How to order?

Go to our website Or DM us through
our IG and we can connect you to our website customer service to push the order through.
Do you guys deliver locally? We deliver not just locally, we deliver to any place in the galaxy.
Please inquire about delivery options to the Moon, Marz or anywhere out there we got you
too !!!

What type of venues can you presently provide?

Any type of Smoking events, Exclusive
Merchandise / Fashion events, Smoke and sip events, Infused food-friendly events, 420
themed events, collaboration events

How can I go about doing a collaboration, or venue with you guys?

You can email us your inquiry at We can help with the planning, and arrangements for the
events. Just let us know to what level of capacity you would like BKNASA involvement to be
determined. We got you....

Who is the Violent Nerdz?

Violent Nerdz is the think tank scientist that creates all of the
amazing content, merchandise, events, THE FAMILY...Wherever BKNASA appears Violence
Nerdz are there. They are two in the same

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